About the RiverFront and Center Program

The U.S. Department of Commerce's Economic Development Administration (EDA) awarded a $387,500 grant to the city of Minot and the Souris Basin Planning Council in North Dakota, to help develop a disaster recovery plan and strategy that will support the long-term economic resiliency of the city. Minot and the surrounding area were devastated by severe floods in June 2011 that damaged many businesses in the city's downtown and rendered numerous residential areas uninhabitable.

"This EDA grant will help the Minot region recover and is an excellent example of the Obama administration's committed to helping communities rebuild and recover in the wake natural disasters," said Acting Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Economic Development Matt Erskine. "The economic recovery strategy to be developed by Minot and the Souris Basin Planning Council will help ensure that the city will be rebuilt as a vibrant, diversified, disaster-resistant commercial center."  


Recent Announcements

January 2015 - Final Reports

Chapter 1:  Introduction and Executive Summary

Chapter 2:  Relationship to Other Plans

Chapter 3:  Flood Chronology

Chapter 4:  Connectivity

Chapter 5:  Downtown Plan

Chapter 6:  Neighborhood Planning Principles

Chapter 7-1: Neighborhood 1 Plan

Chapter 7-2: Neighborhood 2 Plan

Chapter 7-3: Neighborhood 3 Plan

Chapter 7-4: Neighborhood 4 Plan

Chapter 7-5: Neighborhood 5 Plan

Chapter 7-6: Neighborhood 6 Plan

Chapter 8:  Implementation